According to a dietitian this oatmeal is one of the best for weight loss.

Oatmeal is loaded with incredible health benefits. It may sound delicious if you’ve ever tried carb-cutting oatmeal. But, it can be a food which could destroy your weight loss goals. According to one dietitian oatmeal is a great food to help lose weight. It’s not necessary to be afraid of eating oatmeal. You can still eat it and stay in shape.

Katey Davidson MScFN (via Healthline) says that some oatmeal varieties are better than others. You can make small changes to your oatmeal to help to lose weight or gain, no matter what your weight-loss goals are.

Here are Davidson’s top suggestions to lose weight , while enjoying oatmeal. (Want to know more about the benefits that good carbs can provide? A new study has shown that whole grains have significant effects on your well-being.

Make sure you are careful when choosing your oats.

Davidson recommends that you select steel-cut or rolled oats if you are trying to lose weight. They are processed as well as having more sugar and fiber as compared to instant oatmeal.

Make sure you pay attention to the size of the portion.

When you awake with full stomachs It’s tempting to pour the entire spoonful of oatmeal in a pot or bowl. Be aware that oats should be consumed with a half-cup of water.

Davidson states that a half cup of rolled oats gives 150 calories (with the liquid in case you cook with milk) and 5 grams of protein. You also receive four grams of fiber.

Pay attention to that sugar.

The sweet and sour maple syrup and brown sugar as well as cream oatmeal may transport you back to your childhood, however, it is crucial to be conscious of the amount of sugar when you are trying to shed weight. Davidson clarifies how the addition of sugar can cause an insufficient blood sugar level as well as fatigue and hunger the moment you eat.

There are many ways you can increase the value of your bowl.

You might find yourself craving the flavor of your oatmeal. And who can blame you? Davidson suggests you get creative with ingredients in your pantry including a little cinnamon or a bit of vanilla. To increase the amount of nutrients, you can add fresh or frozen fruits (yes bananas!). A scoop of high-quality protein powder (here’s how to find it).

You could also think about the use of recepti cokoladna torta a plant-based milk with no added sugars. Tache Pistachio Mooala and Malibu Mylk, unsweetened Vanilla organic flaxmilks are some of our favorite.