intentionally destroys Banksy art A work of art made by Banksy was painted over by Hollywood actor Christopher Walken in the final episode of the BBC series The Outlaws.

Stephen Merchant, a comedian-drama creator and director, created six episodes along with Elgin James, a US writer and producer. The plot follows a group misfits who renovate a Bristol community center as part of their community service for the wrongs they’ve committed.

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The anonymous street artist who is from Bristol has painted rats using a bottle of spray paint and the words “Banksy” over it in order to be used for the show that the show said.

In the final episode that aired on BBC iPlayer on 10 November The viewers watch the character played by Walken, Frank, completing his community service by painting over graffiti.

After he saw the art work, he asked Diane (Jessica Guinning) his probation officer to paint it over. Diane, distracted, explained that graffiti needs to be removed.

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Frank paints over graffiti in the finale episode of the show. A spokesperson for The Outlaws confirmed that they were able to confirm that the artwork at The Outlaws final show was an original Banksy and Christopher Walken covered the artwork during filming, ultimately dismantling it.

Merchant, an actor, writer, comedian and comedian, hails from Bristol. He is the character of lawyer Greg along with Rani (Rhianne Barrreto) as well as teenager Gabby (Eleanor Tomlinson) Young frontman Christian (Gamba Cole), right-wing entrepreneur John (Darren Boyd) and radical activist Myrna Clarke Perkins and Frank Walken, who is the conman Frank.

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A partially-shredded Banksy painting was sold for PS18,582,000 at an auction in London. The artwork, Love is in the Bin, was sold by auction house Sotheby’s who described the fee as an all-time record for the street artist.

The painting, initially titled Girl With Balloon, hit headlines in 2018 when it partially self-destructed following the conclusion of an earlier auction in which it was purchased for PS1.1m.

The canvas was then sifted through a hidden shredder which was concealed within the huge frame. The bottom half of the canvas was left intact and one balloon of red was remaining on the white background.

Love is in the Bin outperformed its estimate for price between PS4m and PS6m.

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Girl With Balloon, which depicts a tiny child reaching towards a heart-shaped red balloon It was stencilled on the wall of a building in east London and has been endlessly reproduced, becoming one of the most famous Banksy images.

The Outlaws is available on BBC iPlayer and the series will be available in the US on Amazon Prime in the new year.